Kota Tinggi

The Old Kota Tinggi

The name Kota Tinggi was taken in conjunction with the construction of eight defensive cities by the sultans of Johor along the banks of the Johor River, namely Kota Kara(1529), Kota Sayong(1536), Kota Batu(1540), Kota Seluyut(1564), Kota Batu Sawar(1587) ), Touhid City(1623), High City(1685), Panchor City(1716). Local historians agree that by taking the name in conjunction with the construction of defensive ‘Cities’ that are all located in the ‘High Land’, the name of Kota Tinggi has been written as the name of this district until now.

In terms of pronunciation, the earliest date the name of Kota Tinggi was mentioned refers to the reign of Sultan Mahmud Syah II (1685-1699). Meanwhile, the date Sultan Mahmud Syah II started making Kota Tinggi the center of government was in 1688, when he was moved from Riau to Kota Tinggi. If referring to the city of Kota Tinggi, the earliest location explored was in the Kota Touhid area. Sultan Abdul Jalil Syah III was the sultan who was responsible for opening Kota Touhid in 1623 and ruled there from 1623 to 1677. Most local historians agree that the earliest or first mention of Kota Tinggi was in 1688 by Sultan Mahmud Syah II. Based on the history and the dates (1528, 1623, and 1688), the year 1688 is the date that should be accepted as the date Kota Tinggi was opened and the location in question is located in Kampung Makam. After those dates until the country achieved independence in 1957. The city of Kota Tinggi went through a rapid development process and became a famous city based on its current status.

Kota Tinggi Populations