Community English Language Learning (CELL) Program

This proposal is in lieu of the Community English Language Learning (CELL) program conducted by the English language department. It is to demonstrate current progress made as well as the remaining tentative left. Additionally, the procedures to be taken for the execution of the theatre performance are also listed.


This module was initiated with the primary aim to enhance attendees’ (secondary school students) speaking skills. This is particularly to develop their abilities to communicate effectively and confidently in a variety of group social interactions. Additionally, this course is designed with the aim to provide and equip students with an ample amount of literary skills; such as reading comprehension of multiple texts as well as effective presentation skills.

This program has been conducted since the year 28th January 2022 by the Language Department, whereby it is conducted for 12 consecutive weeks (two hours each). Various modes of delivery are used to achieve the goals of this program. Assessment methods are inclusive of attendance (10%), reading and writing quiz (40%), and lastly theatre (50%).


  • To develop and enhance attendees’ confidence in using English.
  • To equip students with holistic language skills, which are mainly reading, listening and speaking.
  • To provide students with a fun theatrical experience where they simultaneously learn English.


On 2nd July 2020, the students of the Community English Language Learning (CELL) programme executed their first official theater performance. The play titled School of Rock was successfully conducted with tremendous effort and professionalism. The program started at 10:30 AM and ended around 1:00 PM in the afternoon.